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Nov. 29th, 2011

Lollipops and.... Hamster Teeth?!

“Yah Gong Chansik! Stop eating lollipops! You’ll get toothache! How many have you eaten today? Six?!” Jinyoung scolded the magnae who’s sucking on the lollipop.
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Gongchan is Lovesick

It’s 11am and they’re in the studio for a photoshoot. Gongchan dances happily toward his blonde hyung. “Sun hyung~~” he hugged Baro and take a deep breath of his scent. “What’s up, Chan?” Baro hugged his cutie back. Gongchan looked to the almond eyes, “Ani~ I just missed you hyung~ teehee” Baro couldn’t stand his cuteness and pecked him on the lips. Gongchan giggled and pecked him back.
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Jun. 12th, 2011

Lover's Quarrel

 this ff is for my lovely aunty that is reallllyyyyy upset rite now :D LOL what an instant ff to entertaint you xD i hope you read this kkkk~ OR I'LL MAKE YOU ^^;;;

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Nov. 30th, 2010

Fun Thing To Do In One Hour

hello everyone~! :D i'm back with another ofc 2min smut kkkk~ xD it just crossed on my mind, it's lame lyk usual... btw i'm writing one more 2min smut, not finished yet and dunno will ._. well for this time, enjoy this one! :D <3


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Aug. 11th, 2010


i wrote this for about two hours lol inspired by recent 2min moments and taemin i dunno but he kinda refused minho ;___; and then i saw the star call, he was talking about his ramen and minho seemed not care with it so he mad at him xD sorry for the lack engrish and story D: my engrish is now bad i dunno why T___T


keeps trying to show his love for Taemin in public. Held his hand on Inkigayo, but all he got was an annoyed hiss. Minho was happy when Taemin piggy backed him on Music Bank, he thought Taemin already forgave him. But he was wrong because as soon as Taemin realized that he was piggy backed Minho, he simply put him down and moved away. He tried to say sorry once again when they won the award, he gave the flowers to Taemin but after he received it Taemin just backed away from him without a single smile. And Minho fooled once again at their fan meeting. He thought Taemin forgave him but when he felt too happy of his thought and made his way to kiss the magnae -not noticing that they were on stage with hundreds of fans watching- Taemin pushed him away and that happy feeling replaced by sadness and regretness.


The fans are worried about them, especially the 2min shippers. Netizens start to think that they are having problems or something like that. And actually, they ARE having problems or something like that.



Minho hyung, what do you think of my ramen?” Taemin looked at him, smiling. “Nothing special” Minho answered. Taemin was upset with his answer but he kept smile and continued the star call. It’s okay if Minho didn’t like his ramen, but couldn’t he lie to the public? ‘nothing special’ was not even an answer. Taemin thought. And so, Taemin started to ignore Minho that day. He really hates it when he’s not near the older one, but he must do it. It’s Minho’s punishment for commenting like that on his ramen. But he really did feel sad to avoid his Minho like that. He pulled his hand when Minho held it, he even hissed and he regretted it. And when Minho touched his cheek, he was melting onto those flaming orbs and couldn’t do anything except to touch back his cheek. But when Minho moved closer to kiss him, he snapped back to reality and pushed him. He really wanted to kiss those plump lips of him and moaning under his pounds, but he just have to hold it. Just a little more.



“Taeminnie~” Minho called his little boy one day. “Hmm” Taemin was still reading his comic, not caring to look up. “Still mad at me~?” Minho asked and knelt down. Taemin didn’t response to his question, he kept reading his comic. “Taeminnie~ please forgive me~ I regretted it and I miss you so damn much! Please please please please please!” Minho kissed Taemin’s knees over and over again. It has been almost two months since the magnae avoided him. “Hyung, I’m reading and you’re disturbing me” Taemin put his comic on his laps and glared at Minho who was nearly to cry. Minho then got up and went to the kitchen. He made Taemin’s ramen style then eat it while crying in front of the magnae. Key who was passing them in the living room just gave him a weird look “Minho, are you eating an out of date ramen?” Minho shot him a glare “NO~! I’m eating the best ramen in the world! It is so delicious that it makes me cry! This ramen is soooo SPECIAL to me!” Key just rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom “Whatever you creep” Minho kept slurping his ramen with tears rolling down his cheeks. Minutes and the bowl was empty. He went to the kitchen to make his second ramen. And it continued until he finished up his fourth bowl. Then Taemin reached up to him, just finished reading his comic. He sat beside Minho and gave him a glass of cold water. “Stop eating it hyung, you’ll get a stomacache” Minho gulped down the cold water “I wont stop eating it until you forgive me” he hiccupped. Taemin chuckled and pinched his cheek “You look like a child you know~” Minho pouted “Forgive me or nooot?” Taemin moved closer until their noses were touching “Of course I forgive you hyung~ you ate four bowls of my ramen and you cried and now you’re pouting! You act like a child and now I act like a mature” he laughed and pecked Minho’s tasted-of-his-ramen lips. “Ewwh~ you tasted like my ramen!” Minho grinned and put the bowl down then hugged Taemin. “I’m sorry Taeminnie~ I miss you I love you I miss you I love you~~” he tightened his hug and kissed Taemin’s pulled-up-hair over and over again. “I can’t stand it to avoid you, I’m sorry too, I miss you and I love you too Minho hyung~” he hugged Minho back.


Next week’s performance will be full of 2min happy moments.

May. 25th, 2010

-2min oneshot- Too Cruel, No? ;)

it took me a long time to write this =.= and i'm sorry for Flames out there to make your minho like this xD i just feel sad because he cheated from my taeminnie LOL oh well here it is~ hope you enjoy :D

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i think i will write a sequel for this~ but it will take another looooooong time xD

Mar. 13th, 2010

2min drabbles - iTouch shuffle


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Jan. 31st, 2010

Cinta Dalam Mimpi

huahahaha ini tugas cerpen bahasa indonesia sayaaa! menurut kalian sedih ga sih ceritanya? masa gue nangis pas nulis surat dari taemin -___- ohya, judulnya cocok ga? kalo kaga usul dooong jalan ceritanya juga klo ada yg mau diubah tell me! hari senin dikumpulin cerpennya :D makasih udah baca komen dan ngasih usul! enjoy! maaf kalo cerpennya panjang dan membosankan~
p.s: sekalian kasih nilai ya hehe enam juga gpp kok haha, klo jelek cecer aja gue wkwk



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Jan. 25th, 2010

Vanilla Love [songfic]

this is a songfic for my ustadzah~~ biar ga setres lagi yaa hehe :D mianhae jelek dan pendek ahuhu bikinnya sekitar sejam jadi maklum jelek ><

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Jan. 8th, 2010

Christmas Present 3/3 (end)

gaah christmas is pass already -____- and my english skill is decrease ;____; jeongmal mianhae ><

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